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Cold Rolled Steel is ideal for construction and building materials. Cold Rolled Steel is extremely unlikely to crack or split within environments where the steel is exposed to immense pressure, as it has one of the highest strength to weight ratios in comparison to other steel types.

Due to this strength advantage, steel structures such as cold rolled bridging profiles, require less of the material to hold the same weight as the hot rolled version.

The most commonly known benefit desired by customers is that cold rolled steel better fits much closer tolerances. Put simply, it is best suited to applications where more exact shapes are required.

Furthermore, the cold rolling process is always quicker and less expensive. This is great for hasty requirements and quick turnarounds.
Generally produced as smaller final products, cold rolled sheet is significantly more tolerant than its hot rolled counterpart. It also doesn’t change its formation or physical appearance after processing i.e. there is no undesired shrinkage.

Cold rolled steel is versatile, and not just because of its durability. The meticulous, dimensional precision of cold rolled steel is often the primary reason for its versatility and popularity. It can be used to make hundreds of different varieties of appliances and materials across all industries.

If your intentions involve painting or polishing your final application, then cold rolled steel will also suit these criteria. Its surface is shinier and flatter which allows for more even and glossier paintwork.

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