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Galvannealed Steel Coils .HEIC

Galvanneal steel sheet is the process of galvanization combined with an annealing treatment. Annealing consists of a heat treatment, reforming the properties of the steel for superior workability. Galvannealed steel is heated above recrystallization temperatures, then cooled. Commercial steel doors and frames are among the most familiar uses of galvanneal.

Galvanneal can be easily bent, drawn upon or moulded. However, due to the nature of its coating, occasional cracks or powdery markings may be visible under stresses such as bending and forming.

Galvanneal steel has the potential to inherit an extra smooth surface through temper rolling, to be applied where surfacing specifics are imperative. Galvanneal is corrosion resistant with minimum yield strength.

In addition, formability and weldability, especially spot-welding, is greatly improved along with the superior painting abilities compared to standard galvanised parts. Galvanneal steel is also less susceptible to rusting.

Better welds are attainable with a zinc coating containing iron, very similar to how cold-rolled steel welds. This makes Galvanneal universally dynamic and in hot-demand in the automotive, construction, and appliance industries.

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