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The color coating steel, PPGI coil, a new strip steel pre-coating product, has rapidly developed in the recent 30 years. It is processed on the high-speed continuous machine with processes including chemical pre-treatment, initial coating and refined coating, etc. Its coating quality is far more even, stable and ideal than the single spraying or brush coating on the metal shaping surface.

With excellent decoration, formability, anti-corrosion and powerful coating adhesion ability, the color coating steel is capable of keeping its color and luster fresh for a long time. Since its excellent economic profit of combining wood with steel, highly efficient construction, energy saving and pollution resistance, etc., it has become an ideal building material.

Applications :
External decoration (the top layer material and wall material); for industrial, commercial, residential and public facilities use.

Interior building materials: Interior wall material, ceiling material, partition material and fire door material.

Construction complementary: Window panels and signboard.

Home appliances : Oil / gas boiler, rice box and portable gas stove, etc.

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